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Ltd. was founded in 1985, after nearly 40 years of excellence, courage and determination, with a global vision to integrate the world's resources, by virtue of the unique natural quality of cashmere in Inner Mongolia, and continue to promote the "introduction" of entrepreneurship and "go out! With the unique natural quality of cashmere in Inner Mongolia, the company continues to promote the "imported" business and "going out" development strategy, and has set up nine industrial bases based on the headquarter in Inner Mongolia and radiating to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Madagascar in Africa, Cambodia in Asia, and so on.


Companies adhering to the "integrity as the soul, quality-oriented, innovation-driven" development concept, and continue to grow as a collection of trade, industry and agriculture as one of the specialized, intelligent, green, globalization of large cashmere textile and apparel enterprises, to create a reputation in China and even the world's national brand --- "King Deer". --- "King Deer", laid the foundation for the company is China's "Belt and Road" initiative, domestic and foreign "double cycle The company is a model enterprise of China's "Belt and Road" initiative and "double-cycle" development strategy at home and abroad.


The company has crafted an intelligent industrial chain with matching matching of selection, washing, combing, dyeing, spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing and finishing, finishing and garment making, and has built up a King Deer Group integrating raw materials, R&D, design, production, sales and service, and has researched, developed and produced energy-saving, environmentally friendly, green and fashionable cashmere products to share with the world and make a name for itself globally.


The company is one of the first batch of "National Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization"; it has been awarded "National Enterprise Technology Center", "National Industrial Design Center", and has been recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise". "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise", "National Industrial Enterprises Benchmarking Enterprise of Independent Intellectual Property Rights Utilization", "National Key Tracking and Cultivating Independent Brand of Garment and Home Textile", "National Green Design Product", "National Green Factory", "National Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise", "Agricultural International Trade High-Quality Development Base", "Enterprise Standard Leader", "Animal Welfare Goat Working Group Member Unit "The company implements excellent performance management, and won the "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Chairman's Quality Award".


King Deer Company insists that science and technology is the first productive force, talent is the first resource, innovation is the first driving force, and deeply implements the strategy of science and education, talent strategy, innovation-driven development strategy, opens up new areas of development and new tracks, and constantly shapes the development of new kinetic energy and new advantages.

SlNCE 1985

SlNCE 1985

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The company owns and obtained the second prize of national scientific and technological progress "cashmere worsted high-count yarn technology development and application" of independent research and development of international leading technology, the first domestic "cashmere low-temperature dyeing technology research, development and application", "cashmere fast The company is the first one in China to create "R&D and application of low temperature dyeing technology for cashmere", "R&D and application of fast dyeing technology for cashmere" and many other practical technologies; the R&D achievements have been declared as more than 360 patents, and it has won more than 30 scientific and technological awards, more than 41 prizes for high quality products in the industry and 41 prizes for design, and more than 50 prizes for excellent new products in the industry, and it has taken charge of and participated in the formulation and revision of international national and industrial standards; Accumulated sealed samples and database: more than 50,000 color samples of cashmere yarn, more than 300,000 pieces of cashmere knitting, weaving and garment products. Continuous technological innovation and precipitation strongly enhance the scientific and technological content of King Deer King brand and intellectual property rights, for King Deer in the world market competition in the leading position of escort.


King Deer Company actively advocates and implements domestic and international certifications: maintains ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO50001, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, THE GOOD CASHMERE STANDARD, WRAP, BSCI, SGS, HIGG continuous certification; passes AEO Customs advanced certification; through the GB/T29490 intellectual property rights certification; with the international cashmere industry associations to organize and launch "The Sustainable Fiber Alliance (SFA)" and "The Good Cashmere Standard by Aid By Trade Foundation (GCTF)". Standard by Aid By Trade Foundation (GCS)" certification; with international buyers to unite with the majority of farmers and herdsmen to carry out environmental protection, goat welfare, sustainable development of the cashmere industry, traceability of cashmere products, has realized 1678 independent farms and cooperative farms through the "SFA, China Agriculture and Farming Association (CAFA)" and "China Agriculture and Farming Association (CAFA)" certification. "It has realized that 1678 independent farms and cooperative farms have passed the joint certification of SFA, China Association for the Promotion of International Cooperation in Agriculture/Animal Welfare International Cooperation Committee, and China Classification Society Quality Certification Co. Thus realizing the standardization, standardization and traceability of the whole industrial chain of cashmere industry.


Over the years, we have shaped the new kinetic energy of King Deer's development with scientific and technological innovation; opened up new fields of King Deer's application with cross-border integration; constructed a new ecology of King Deer's industry with digitalization transformation; built a new kernel of King Deer's value with deep cultivation of culture; created a new height of King Deer's industry with branding; and opened up a new space for King Deer's future with sustainable development.


The company nearly forty years of dedicated, focused, professional, specializing in research cashmere clothing, integrity services to customers around the world, and has been the successive state leaders cordial care and encouragement, the products as a national gift to the international VIPs, the world's best cashmere produced in China is also due to the King of the Deer to the world. In the new period, the company comprehensively implements the new development concept, takes meeting the growing needs of human beings for a better life as the starting point, and vigorously implements the eight strategies of "insisting on quality excellence, insisting on innovation, insisting on green manufacturing, insisting on intelligent production, insisting on informatization of management, insisting on responsibility, insisting on globalization, and insisting on internationalization of brand". The company will vigorously implement the eight strategies of "insisting on quality excellence, innovation leadership, manufacturing greening, production intelligence, management informatization, responsibility sustainability, layout globalization and brand internationalization", leading the optimization, transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain, and thus realizing the sustained and high-quality development of advantageous industries.