Brand Honor

Brand Honor

Enterprises have been operating for many years, harvesting many honors, won a city star enterprise, the top ten integrity enterprises, the national three A-grade integrity enterprise utility model enterprises, the top ten innovative enterprises and other honors.

1999 China Well-known Trademark

2013 High-Tech Enterprises

2013 China Well-known Trademark

Top 10 Competitive Enterprises in the Cashmere Industry 2018-2019 (Medal)

2017 Top 100 Agricultural Foreign Cooperation Enterprises

2018 Top 500 Leading Agricultural Industrialized Enterprises

China Industry Newspaper 70th Anniversary Special Issue (Deer King Group was honored as one of the top 70 enterprises in China's industrial influence in the 70th year of the founding of the country)

2022 focus on cultivating textile and apparel 100 brands

Focus on tracking and cultivating textile and garment brand enterprises